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——————————— Thursday 11, October 2018 ———————————
camping -
Andrew Skurka's guy line tensioning system. I always used a quick-release hitch[1] instead of a bowline and a taut line hitch[2] instead of a trucker's hitch -- but the trucker's hitch looks like it would get and keep everything more taut.

1: like a halter hitch,
running -
This series of posts argues that muscle cramps are the result of fatigue, not a lack of electrolytes.

After my first marathon, where my calves completely cramped up and I walked the last 10km, I bought into the electrolyte theory. But now I think it was just heat- and dehydration-enhanced fatigue.
running -
This article argues that drinking sports drinks doesn't really prevent hyponatremia.

I do benefit from Gatorade during a high-effort activity, but I guess it is probably more the carbohydrates than the electrolytes.