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——————————— Wednesday 16, August 2017 ———————————
fascism - politics - video -
Good footage of the racist march and rally in Charlottesville, includes interviews with Christopher Cantwell and some of the other Fascists involved.
anarchism - politics - video -
Good interview with Mark Bray on Democracy Now! in which he does the important work of correcting the liberal media's pronunciation of antifa (seriously, while I'm sure there's a lot of regional variation in pronunciation, every time I hear anTEEfa I can't help but think the speaker is an uninformed pundit (like "Black Block Anarchist" after Seattle '99). Amy Goodman even changed her pronunciation at the end of the clip, because she's a pro).

Part 2 is here:

He also has an article up on the WaPo website called "Who are the antifa?":